Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Such Fancy Snaps and the Importance of...Well, Fashion, In Fashion Photography

For some reason, every time I do a photoshoot, I feel pretty good about the pictures for a few days, and after that I decide I don't like them so much anymore and want to redeem myself. This is how I am feeling right now, despite the fact that I was feeling pretty victorious with the result of my recent shoots. Especially the Hannah shoot.

I am currently in the planning stages of two shoots with two models. Unfortunately, because I don't have a lot of money, planning takes longer than it might for another photographer. I know I shouldn't take a break after just two more shoots...the more experience and photos I have to add to my port, the more chance I have of getting client shoots and thus of getting paid for what I do. But I just can't pay for these things anymore!

On another, more cheerful note, I wanted to explain why I have a few fashion blogs linked here. In a post over at fashionphotographyblog.com, Melissa said some true words of wisdom:

Fashion photography is the business of photographing fashion. That means that the product we are selling are the clothes. It is important for the young, aspiring fashion photographer to understand this. When a client hires us, we are being hired on our technical ability of understanding garments and the way they will photograph. I see so many photographers who are just starting out and building their books and the weakest part of their photographs is the styling.

Styling Mistakes:

  • The clothes are wrinkled or out-dated.
  • The clothing is accessorized poorly.
  • The model doesn’t befit the style of clothing she is wearing.
A lot of new photographers allow the models to just bring some clothing and then they throw something together when the model gets there. I don't believe in this...and this is partially why TFCD shoots are making me broke haha. You can totally ruin a photo with poor styling choices. I wish I had some good examples of this, but I can't think of any off the top of my head, and I run the risk of offending someone out there. But my point is, the styling shouldn't be left on the backburner when preparing for a shoot. It really is the most important part.

You really need to think about poses that will match the garmet as well. For example, I saw a series by a photographer in which the model was wearing a long lose summer dress, and clearly trying to pose with her legs. Instead of looking good, the dress just looked lumpy and the model looked awkward. If you're selling dresses, pose according to dresses, and if you're doing a portfolio shoot for a model who wants to do odd poses with her legs, make sure she is wearing something that shows her legs!

Picking a model that matches the look is quite important. I couldn't have used one of my beautiful Indian models for my indie-inspired shoot...well, I could have, but it would not have come out as well as it did with Dani, who already had perfect indie-red hair, straight-across bangs and a face begging for gigantic, vintage sunglasses.

That said, I link to a few fashion blogs because I think keeping up to date with fashion photography is important...and I am also a total fashion whore who just loves reading about it haha. You don't need to study a lot, but just reading every so often also gives you a better sense of how to match things and what is in.

And while we're at it, here are two more "best shots" from my Danielle shoot.

beautiful loser 05

beautiful loser 04

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