Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hannah Photoshoot

Well I am feeling rather triumphant! I got my photos back from my first photoshoot since my return today and I was very, very pleased with many of them. Hannah is an awesome girl - she is part Scottish, part Dutch and came over from England about four years ago. By agency standards she is a little short - 5'7", but she is a tall 5'7" in my opinion! She has a great personality and photographs amazing! I have likened her to Veronica from prison break, DJ from full house, Kate Moss and a friend likened her to Keira Knightley. These are all good people to be likened to!

My wonderful friend Sarah acted as my assistant and Rachelle of Faces of Nefertari Beauty did her make up. We had a nice French-inspired shoot, and by the time it was over Hannah wanted a pair of pirate boots and beret! The shoot took a lot longer than we all expect though and we were all really tired, I got home around 8 pm, after leaving the house no later than 12 pm. The homeless people...and people in San Jose got a kick out of watching us, but Hannah was a good sport about it. I had a problem with my computer in the morning as well. It got a virus and died! I am currently trying to get it fixed. My friend Shaza's brothers are helping me with this. Shaza herself is helping me edit the photos for the shoot, a few of which can be found bellow...enjoy my lovlies!

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