Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Dani (Indie) Rock shoot

Today I wrapped up my indie-inspired photoshoot with Danielle (also known as Dani Rock). I'm antsy to know how the photos came out since I dropped the film off. All I have are a few shots from the digital portion of the shoot. A few I liked okay, but only one of them stood out to me...and not in the same, beautiful way as Hannah's, but as photographs. It achieves the goal of "Indie."

It's funny though, when I put the digital camera away and pulled out the film camera, I felt way more confident in my abilities and I think may have got some much better shots, particularly on our second change. We'll see how true this is when I get the film back tomorrow.

I am going to do the few shoots I have planned and then take a major break. I am totally broke. I am literally walking around with a few bucks in my pockets and a credit card...I can't keep spending borrowed money on photoshoots. I have maybe two more and then I am going to take a break, unless of course I can get a job or some paid shoots.

On the job front I keep sending out resumes but haven't got any responses, except one that said that the position I applied for has already been filled. It's getting frustrating, but not because I am bored (on the contrary, I somehow have been able to keep myself very busy). It's frustrating because there are things I need to BUY and I can't right now. I can't fully dedicate myself to my photography without money...I need to buy clothes and props and pay for gas, even if my MUAs and models work TFCD.

While shooting with Dani today I found the loveliest circular patch of grass, trees and Ivy, all covered by a round fence. I decided I am going to have to use it as a staple photoshoot location. The above photo was taken there.

We found this incredible purple dinosaur that dani and I were eager to shoot with and we did! There was also a huge yellow "worm" play structure that I shot dani on. Of course all the kids were waiting for us to leave to continue playing. We later realized that the area said "Tiny Tots - 7 and Under." Dani resolved to bring her 7-year-old son there haha. We were going to shoot on the swings until some ghetto kids with a dog (GASP! i AM DEATHLY AFRAID OF DOGS) went and sat there. Annnd the orange-looking lollipop I brought from egypt for a photoshoot came in handy as a prop today. I'm actually a lot more confident in the second change than the first. Even the second pair of sunglasses I gave Dani looked better on her.

On another note, I had always thought of my time in Egypt as lost time in terms of my photography, yet since I have returned I feel like my work has improved a lot. I am thankful for my time in Egypt. I realized that even though I didn't get to shoot much, I spent a lot of time studying photography and this has improved my method.

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