Friday, October 24, 2008

Dani (Indie) Rock Best Shots!

I got the film back from my shoot with Danielle yesterday. These are my favorite shots:

I'm already well underway planning a new shoot with Hannah and Jonathan. I'm going for something a little darker this time. You'll see when it's all done with. There is still much planning to be done, but I am excited to work with Hannah again. I have a lot of faith in her abilities and want to help her develop her portfolio as much as I can.

Looking at my own photostream yesterday, I realized that I am much better at portraiture and beauty than I am at fashion, and in fact have a lot more portraiture and beauty in my portfolio than fashion. Though this is great to show agencies to start doing paid tests with their models, this is not what I ultimately want to do. I have decided I need to do more full body shots, more fashion, particularly high fashion. This is what I intend to do with Hannah in our next shoot, save for some beauty shots for the MUA.

My main inspiration for all of my fashion photography is of course Lara Jade Coton, but I think my main inspiration for my beauty and glamor shots is my kind-of mentor Aysha Abdulla.

I also realized that I am a rather unique fashion photographer in that I also have other areas of photography I like a lot, namely candids and street portraits. It's been a long time, so I am not sure I am ready to dive back into candids, but I would like to start doing street portraits again. Just as I gain much enjoyment from controling every aspect of the photograph as I do in my fashion photography, I also enjoy taking pictures of people as they come, as life bring them to me. I need to take myself on an urban adventure soon, as I have really missed this while I was in Egypt.

I also wanted to put the spotlight on for this post. Shooting fashion wide can be difficult but rewarding, and it has been something I have been wanting to look into (though I will need to look into a wide angle lens first, haha). I also like the idea that the rules of fashion photography were made to be broken. This makes me wonder why they should be learned at all, if we're just going to throw them out in the end. My photography at least began that way...and until this day, most of my photography "studies" have really been just looking at other people's photos.

Anyway, I have posted this photo before, but I wanted to post it again just because it breaks a photography rule and looks damn good.

One of my biggest photography pet peeves is when a photographer gets his shadow on the subject. A lot of new photographers do this not noticing, and it really gets me - I think it usually looks horrible and unprofessional. But here the shadow/reflection of the photographer on Charlotte Gainswhatever really adds something. This is art.

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