Friday, October 17, 2008

Cakes and cakes and photo equipment

As a thanks for reformatting my computer, I brought a box of cake mix over to my friend Shazzy's house the other day. Her two brothers had stayed up until 1 a.m. fixing it. I am pleased - it's like a brand new baby and works a lot better than it did before. We ate rainbow cake while shazzy worked on her websites and I edited Hannah's photos. There are a lot more up at flickr now by the way. Shazzy is a bio major from SF State, works an admin position in the same city we live in, and happens to be an excellent webdesigner. She does webdesign on the side in a way similar to me and my photography, but she actually gets paid, haha!

I also posted my palestine pictures on flickr, or at least a few of them. Check it out!

I stepped into Ritz Camera yesterday to check out a reflector, because as much as I like my shoot with Hannah, it could have been better if there were less shadow around her eyes. This could have been helped by just not using just big eye lashes, but a reflector would have helped. The reflector was $45. Ouch. I guess I will keep haveing ugly shadow until I can afford that or find some other alternative...

I also wanted to point out that inspiration works in a funny way! This photo was my inspiration for my shoot with Hannah, and below it is my interpretation:

I guess what did remain was the black eye make up and beret. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the top image is an photo of Kate Moss for a Calendar, taken right after her cocaine scandal. The original image is topless...and i guess you can't get more simple that topless! So I was going for a beret, black eye make up and simple - it came out totally different, but I love it still.

Sorry all my photos are here are so low-resolution. You have to be careful with photo-thieves!

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