Thursday, October 9, 2008

busy busy busy

I finalized a photoshoot with model Danielle today, who is part Japanese, Mexican, Irish and I think Russian? Regardless, she is a lovely redhead who looks like a better Renee Zellwenger, albeit a little short. I think she has a lot of potential. The shoot will be much simpler than Hannah's and after all the time devoted to finding an MUA's for Hannah's, I have decided we're just not going to have one. The theme is indie-inspired and I want this to be colorful...which also means I will save on buying black and white film. I bought three rolls the other day for a horrendous $23!

We lost our MUA today for my shoot on Monday. I am busy trying to contact other MUAs, and think I am going to put up a casting call, but I think I may end up doing Hannah's make up myself, since we are just doing black liner. Last time I tried didn't go too well, but that's because I was putting it on my friend Sarah, who squirms more than any one I have ever seen! She couldn't get her eyes to stop twitching either! Sarah was a bad person to try on, as she has a severe phobia of pretty much anything to do with eyes (she's 22 and has never used contacts...see what I mean?).

I'm also busy busy busy revamping my resume and cover letter so that I can hopefully have a real job by the end of the month...

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