Monday, February 25, 2008

Off the Wall #1

So every time I am feeling homesick or down, I start hanging things up on my closet. The paint they use here doesn’t allow for hanging things up on the wall, and my closet is big and not particularly attractive, so I hang photos on it. Here is what I did the other day:

This is a collection of some of my favorite fashion photos since I was a kid. I don’t know why I saved them, but I am glad I did. So I figured I could break them down and talk about each one, where it came from, why I like it. I think I’ll do one a day, until I get bored.

This is the first one, please bear with me since I don’t have a scanner and just took a picture of it:

This image came from an editorial in ElleGirl Magazine perhaps 3 or 4 years ago – you know it has to have been a long time ago since ElleGirl has long since gone belly up. ElleGirl was considered an alternative teenage girl magazine next to Seventeen and CosmoGirl, and that is why I liked it so much

So this was supposed to be an editorial basically about what to wear to the Curiosa music festival that was occurring later that year. I am not sure if this festival still exists, or if they changed the name or what.

I love rock music and I have been to many a festival. I really don’t think the outfits selected for the photo are very indie-rock-festival-worthy. However, what I do like is the model on the left. Something about her facial expression, her pose, the way her jeans are half in the boots and half not, just seem really natural to me – and that makes it rock. Plus, the girl on the left has a rather cool outfit, even though it’s not particularly music festival-ly. The background gives you the vibe that something really is going down in this place, and these girls are going to be there for all of the action, and I really like that. Perhaps the indie-rocker in me just likes the pending excitement for live music seen in this picture – but the model on the left is very convincing, in an indie-rock-boho way. The model on the right does nothing for me. Even her outfit screams magazine-attempting-to-make-rock-and-make-it-fashionable. Rock and roll is about being wild and dirty, not about being primp and fashionable.

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