Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It Finally Happened

The moment we have all (okay, just me!) been waiting for!

MY NEW DIGITAL CAMERA CAME. My cute little baby :), a Canon EOS RebelG XT, all boxed up for waiting for me to come take it. I know it sounds like it was shipped to me, but in fact, I had the camera shipped to my family in California, and they sent the camera with a friend who was coming to Egypt. It was a very long, difficult process, because this friend didn’t have room in her luggage, and at the same time, would not allow my mom to pay the fee should the bags go over weight. My mom ended up shipping it to her at her lay-over stop (she was staying for a few days), because then she would have more space.

So, it took a lot to get here. It was actually supposed to come with my roommate’s sister. She came to visit a little while back, but the camera arrived to my family’s house one day after she left. So as you can see, I have been waiting on edge for this camera for quite a while now.

Still, I felt a little sad as I removed the standard lens from my old 35mm Canon EOS RebelG and put it on my new camera. The digital one shall be taking the place of the film camera in my camera bag, and the 35mm will only be pulled out occasionally from now on, more for fun and for old time’s sake than anything.

My new camera has all these buttons on it! The strap is really sleek and fancy looking and even the texture of the camera itself is a little different…nice to see these advances in technology. I just realized that I have no idea how to use my new camera, even though it is supposed to be easier than 35mm. I guess I have some reading to do…

Oh, and here is some candy for yours eyes (or not?). These are photos from my last two rolls of film ever apparently. I sent the rolls back to the states with my mom to be developed in a real lab and the CDs came with her friend as well.

This is a candid of a fisherman in Muntazah, Alexandria, Egypt. I caught him as he was taking a rest. I like the perspective on this one a lot – this was one of those shots that you take and afterwards say, “ Oh, I know that one is going to turn out just right.”

And this one wasn’t one of those, but I like it too:

This was taken in Siwa, Egypt, right next to the Cleopatra Pool (Otherwise known as the Goda Spring). Siwa is an oasis town, and this is supposed to be where Cleopatra used to swim. People actually still swim in it. I saw these two kids just checking out the scene as some of my friends swam so I captured them, and I am pretty sure at least the one on the right knew it. I love the reflection of the palm trees on the water. Siwa is a beautiful, beautiful town, and has yet to be touched by much technology. As a result, it’s just very clean and wholesome – kind of like an Egyptian Wild, Wild West. Most people there don’t own cars – just donkey carts.

Oh, and yesterday was the most beautiful I have ever seen Cairo! My mom says something about Cairo makes it naturally dirty, and it’s true – the city rarely sees rain, so it’s just very dusty all the time. Today it rained, and since I was unable to wait for my camera, I began walking to her friend’s place as soon as it stopped. The ground was wet, but the sun was out, and suddenly the plants and buildings looked clean and bright. It was the first time I have ever walked through Cairo, at least the part I live in, and thought, “Wow, this place is beautiful.”

And to top it off, no one sexually harassed me as I walked. Perfection.

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